Chemical elements of thermomechanically rolled steel EN S460MC

As people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of various steel processing products, the market demand for thermomechanically rolled steel EN S460MC, pickling steel coils is getting better and better. At present, they are mainly concentrated in the automotive industry, compressor industry, machinery manufacturing industry, spare parts processing industry, fan Industry, motorcycle industry, steel furniture, hardware accessories, electric cabinet shelves and various shapes of stamping parts. With the advancement of technology, hot-rolled pickled steel plates are currently involved in home appliances, containers, electrical control cabinets and other industries.

Oxygen is a harmful element in thermomechanically rolled steel EN S460MC steel. With the increase of oxygen content, the strength of thermomechanically rolled steel EN S460MC steel increased, but the plasticity, especially the toughness, decreased significantly, and the weldability became worse. The presence of oxygen causes hot brittleness of thermomechanically rolled steel EN S460MC steel.

In the past 10 years, domestically-made offshore platform steel has been widely adopted in China's offshore oil projects, and offshore platform steel has gradually developed in the direction of high strength. Relevant data show that the pile legs, pile boots, cantilever beams and other key parts of the jack-up platform require high load. In order to improve the stability of the hull during towing after floating, it needs to be lightweight, and high-strength steel plates must be used.

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